We're So EXCITED!!!! We Are Almost Open

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Get ready to shop! We are just finishing up the final touches to our store, and we are so excited to share with you all.

Hi, I am Lisa-Ann, this is my family. We wanted to create a business that gives back, empowers, and supports the local communities and families around us. We have had our fair share of struggles and know what it is like when you have to try and bounce back. My children lost their father last year suddenly, we had so much grief and pain we didn't know what to do with ourselves... So we decided as a family to do something we built a business to bring us closer together as a family and give us something to work towards.

My late husband and I have always believed in supporting local businesses, which is why we have partnered with a few small local businesses to give their unique products a place to shine as well within our walls. Over time we plan to offer an array of various local products, displaying what our local communities can offer and support those businesses hit hardest during 2020. We know all too well, from personal experience, that 2020 was a rough year (to put it mildly), with so much loss both economically and personally, which is why this dream of ours feels so important! We want to offer everyone some hope and support for new beginnings as we set off together for what we hope 2021 will offer… some brighter days ahead.

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