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We are your feel good store and try not to take life too seriously! Trykaysa Clothing is a family owned business, we have a passion to bring comfortable and trendy affordable fashion and accessories to you, your family, and friends. The name along with the vision was brought to life a few years ago when my husband and I wanted to build a business for our family. We wanted a unique name that meant something special to us, we fell in love

with “Trykaysa” which combines the names of our three children. As we are a blended family, what better way to represent us than blending our children’s names together. The sign "Change... it starts here!" was beautifully created by a close friend, we will have it displayed in our store because it not only represents who we are, but also the experience we want to deliver to all our patrons.

We decided on the tagline... It just fits! because have you ever just walked into a store hoping it will fit? We aren't supplying fashion for just the young or slim, we are supplying fashion for everyone. We wanted all our items in the store to be inclusive, so everyone can walkout feeling happy and proud of the way they look.

We are grateful you found us here, and we hope to see you in our store soon.

Located at 4737 - 50 Avenue, Calmar, AB

Doors open from 11:00am to 5:00 pm Wednesday through Saturday

We hope to see you there to say hello!